How would you like to be remembered?

People and families in need struggle every day with illnesses, diseases, and injuries that go untreated simply because they can’t afford healthcare. But now you can make a real difference in their lives, and make it your legacy. One of compassion, care, treatment, better quality of life, and a better community for people who are suffering. An expression of your goodwill to your fellow neighbors.

Easy ways to make a lasting impact

Ensure the future of helping others through healthcare

Your legacy gift to Mercy Health Foundation shows your compassion for people in need. For their healthcare. For their well-being. For their happiness. It’s your gift to others, given with His love filling your heart.

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Why we need your help

Too many people in need still lack even basic healthcare. So when they get sick, they can’t work, can’t take care of themselves, and can’t care for their families. But when there’s compassion in our hearts and His love guiding us, we can care for the poor and underserved in our neighborhoods, giving help, hope and love.

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