Our Mission


Mercy Health is a network of care built around you where you live. Our Mission is to extend our healing ministry with compassion and innovation. We believe that everyone deserves to be well in mind, body and spirit. That’s why Mercy Health Foundation is here.

The care we provide in free clinics and programs saves the lives of those who are poor and hurting. They’re people like Sonia – soon after she got breast cancer, Sonia lost her job and health insurance. And all hope. But with Mercy Health, she was able to get medicine, treatment, and even job training. Today, she’s happy and healthy, and she’s started a new job. “I was so grateful,” Sonia said.

And they’re people like Maria. Poor, pregnant, and bleeding, Maria needed emergency care to save herself and her baby. And that’s what she received. Today both mom and baby are doing fine. “Even though I didn’t have any money,” Maria said, “they treated me like a human being.

And they’re people like Tom. Even after having surgery elsewhere, Tom’s heart was failing, and he was dying. Then his surgeon at Mercy Health told him, “Tom, I can fix this,” and performed a lifesaving seven-hour operation.

This is our Mission. This is our ministry. Thanks to the goodwill from people like you, we provided $100 million in free or reduced-fee healthcare for people in need in just one year. Saving countless lives. Caring. Helping. Healing.